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There is an easy way to use RTE.BOT at the bottom. But read all.

インストール専用サーバーRoad to Eden
1- SteamCMDのダウンロードとインストール

2- zipの内容をフォルダーに抽出します。

cd C:\ steamcmd(STEAMCMDフォルダー)

3- SteamCMDログイン

login anonymous

「C:\ steamcmd」フォルダに「serverroadtoeden」フォルダを作成します

force_install_dir <パス> exemple C:\ serverroadtoedenのパス例:force_install_dir C:\ serverroadtoeden(そのパスにファイルをインストールします)
app_update 1047650 validate(この行は、選択したパスにファイルサーバーをダウンロードしてインストールします)

  • ポート7777と27015を開く必要があります。


5- C:\ serverroadtoeden \ Roadtoeden420 \ Savedに移動します


最大プレイヤー数= 10
Map =アインダラ
死亡時にアイテムを失う= 0
ツール減衰= 0
デスボックスマーク= 1
ポート(間もなく)= 7777
アイテムの出現確率(0-0.5)(0 =確率が低い)= 0.25
略奪アボンダンス(0-3)(0 =通常戦利品)= 0
死亡時のスキルポイントを失う= 0
クラフティング= 1のときにXPを追加

C:\ serverroadtoedenn \ Roadtoeden420Server.exeを実行します



  • 2- Extract the contents of the zip to the folder.
    Open a Command Prompt and start SteamCMD.

On first run, SteamCMD will automatically update and enter you into a Steam> prompt
cd C:\steamcmd (STEAMCMD folder)

  • 3- SteamCMD Login
    To download most game servers, you can login anonymously.
    login anonymous
  • 4- Downloading Dedicated server
    create folder "serverroadtoeden" in "C:\steamcmd" folder

force_install_dir <path> path for exemple C:\serverroadtoeden ex: force_install_dir C:\serverroadtoeden ( install the file in that path )
app_update 1047650 validate ( this line download and install the file server in the path you choose)

  • you will have to open the port: 7777 and 27015.

add to UDP and TCP port 7777
add to udp and tcp port 27015
more explanation :

  • 5- go in C:\serverroadtoeden\Roadtoeden420\Saved

Edit the file Dedicated_server_settings.ini
Change name server and password

Server name=SERVER-NAME
Max number of players=10
Lose items on death=0
Tool decay=0
Death box mark=1
Port (soon)=7777
Item spawn probability(0-0.5) (0=less probalility)=0.25
Loot abondance(0-3) (0=normal loot)=0
Lose skill point on death=0
Admin password=
Add XP when crafting=1

Run C:\serverroadtoeden\Roadtoeden420Server.exe



launch SteamCMD
login anonymous
force_install_dir "server path"
app_update 1047650 validate
that upadate your server :wink:

port setting
dedicate server setting port [/ h1]

hello to all survive

this guide will help you configure the dedicated server of road to eden [/ b]

first party open the port of the modem

you can usually access your modem settings via a meter address in your internet browser

in general by default [url = http:// //] [/ url]

if you have a diferente address for other modem model
you can find it easily like this

go to the search bar of your windows and type: CMD
click on the result "invite dee orders"
a black window with white text appears!
in the window typed: ipconfig
and validated with the "enter" key
you had address that appears, search the line: default gateway

like this: Default gateway. . . . . . . . .

your modem address is

let's go to the settings

folow this for opening your router's port : maketecheasier website[]

you will have to open the port: 7777 and added the programe to the nice windows and open the windows port

add to UDP and TCP port 7777
add to udp and tcp port 27015

then go add the programe to the windows

go to "all the settings" windows then "network and internet" and "firewall windows"

then go on "Authorized an application by the firewall"

click on "modify the parameters" and go to search the programe follow:

Disk C
Program Files (x86)
Road to Eden

and select the file; Roadtoeden420Server.exe add it to the firewall

add port 7777 to windows
always in the tab "firewall" of windows go on "advanced parameters"
a window opens include the 2 rebrique which interposes us "rule of traffic enter and leave
click on traffic rule enter and go on new rule
select "port" select "TCP" and "specific local ports" ... enter 7777 in the box and do "follow"
select "allow connection" then "follow
still follow the page "name" .. enter the name you want (example "server road to eden tcp") and "finish"

then start the operation again with the traffic rules coming out but then go past the ports in "UDP"

voila your windows and your modem are configured to turn the ROAD TO EDEN server
fist lunching and setting of road to eden dedicated serveur

you must first create a launch shortcut to put the server in console mode and see how it works

go to the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Road to Eden \ RoadToEden420 \ Binaries \ Win64 folder

right click on "Roadtoeden420Server.exe" and creates a shortcut

then clicked right on the shortcake creates and went into properties

in the target frame added at the end: -log

like this: "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Road to Eden \ RoadToEden420 \ Binaries \ Win64 \ RoadToEden420Server.exe" -log

apply and ok

launch your server via the shortcut (ps: you can move it to the office for ease but sometimes after a zouking update you should recreate this shortcut)

your server launches


shut down your server anyway [/ b]

go to this place on your hard disk: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Road to Eden \ RoadToEden420 \ Saved

after a first time you see the file call: Dedicated_server_settings.ini

open it with block note simply you get this

Server name = official_test_server
Max number of players = 30
Maps = Aindara
Lose items on death = 1
Tool decay = 1
Death box mark = 0
Password = None

you can name your server using "_" between each word like this

Server name = the_brigid_server

then enter the number of player desires (ps the more you would place player more you can aceillire world but consome more resource internet and hardware

do not change the map for instent it is the default map (another map is in the process of creation)

replace it with 0 to deactivate or 1 to activate the option

Lose items on death = 0 (0 = loss of a definite item to death! And 1 it does not prevent losing your inventory and having to recover it at your death but you will recover everything)

Tool decay = 0 (tool wear in manufacture: 1 the tools s' (useron in collect and manufacture and with 0 you use that your tool colectent

Death box mark = 1 (1 you see a light rise from your death box (show from afar) and with the 0 you turn off the light of report

to finish

Password = None (without password! Simply replace "None" with your password)

Password = lullaby578451

passworld to give to your friends so that he can join you

good game survive


インストール専用サーバーRoad to Eden

(RTE.BOT 使用)

1- SteamCMDのダウンロードとインストール

2- zipの内容をフォルダーに抽出します。

3- RTE.BOT をダウンロード(右クリックして保存)

4- steamcmdのフォルダーに、RTE.BOT を入れます。

5- RTE.BOTを、右クリックで編集。
D:\RTEserver を、任意のフォルダーに変更。


6- RTE.BOT を、ダブルクリック。

7- success! になったら、EXIT と入れて、閉じる。

Special thanks!


1- Download and install Steam CMD

2-Extract the contents of the zip to a folder.

3- Download RTE.BOT (right click to save)

4- Put RTE.BOT in the steamcmd folder.

5-Edit RTE.BOT by right-clicking.

Change D:\RTEserver to any folder.

overwrite save.

6- Double click RTE.BOT.

7- success! When it becomes, put EXIT and close it.

Special thanks!

zouking 2020/09/04 23:52

  • 1- Steamクライアントをシャットダウンする
    3- Steamを起動します(CMDツールサーバーを使用している場合は、この手順をスキップします)
    6- INIファイルが保存フォルダーに存在しない場合は、INIファイルが自動作成されるまでサーバーを起動し、サーバーをシャットダウンします。ステップ5に進む
    11- RTEクライアントを起動し、ゲームリストに表示されるかどうかを確認します
    12-それが表示されない場合は、ファイアウォールでアウトバウンド7777および27015 TCPおよびUDPを開く必要があります。また、同じポートについてルーターのポート転送を確認する必要があります。
    13-それでも表示されない場合は、サーバーへのショートカットを作成して、ショートカット内のターゲットに-log -port = 7779 -queryport = 27019を追加し、ファイアウォールとルーターで同じポートを開きます
  • 1- Shut down Steam client
    2- Run the server
    3- Launch Steam(if using the CMD tools server skip this step)
    4- Wait a few minutes for the server to populate
    5- Open the INI file in the save folder to change server name and options
    6- If INI file does not exist in the save folder launch the server until the INI file is auto created, then shut the server down. go to step 5
    7- Launch server
    8- if you are running the server on a stand alone PC skip step 9 and 10
    9- If you are hosting and playing on the same computer ,open server list from steam and look in the Lan server tab
    10- if you see the server then the server is running
    11- launch RTE client and check if you can see it in the game list
    12- If you don't see it , you need to open outbound 7777 and 27015 TCP and UDP in the firewall, you also need to check the port forwarding on your router for the same ports
    13- if you still cant see it, try creating a shortcut to the server and add -log -port=7779 -queryport=27019 to the target inside the shortcut and open the same port in the firewall and router
    let me know how it goes

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