[[ROAD TO EDEN 攻略 wiki]]

*SUKIYAKI [#cabfdd5d]
-「ROAD TO EDEN」を、愛してやまないプレイヤーです。
-ZOUKING・EL DIABLO・bloodmoonday、とても感謝しています。
-2020/03/08 現在、Lv97

-I'm a player who loves "ROAD TO EDEN".
-I'm playing with Discord using Google Translate and communicating with other French developers, ZOUKING and others.
-I bought a computer to set up a private server.
If you find a SUKIYAKI server, use it.
-I got permission from ZOUKING to create a wiki and provide images, etc.
-Thank you very much for ZOUKING / EL DIABLO / bloodmoonday. I want to be an eternal friend.
-I play on the official European server. If you see them, please get along.
** SUKIYAKI Youtube  [#b2a29c82]
-「ROAD TO EDEN」のために、Youtubeチャンネルも、始めました。

-We have also started a YouTube channel for "ROAD TO EDEN".
-I'm not good at speaking, so it's a silent video.
-I would be grateful if you have any trouble or it is helpful.
-Please subscribe.
*[[SUKIYAKI Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqF-Ldjz8wSFU1JUuSJb5XQ>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqF-Ldjz8wSFU1JUuSJb5XQ]] [#he1ac021]

*[[月額900円(税抜)から、高速・多機能・高安定レンタルサーバー『エックスサーバー』>https://px.a8.net/svt/ejp?a8mat=3B9AIW+C210S2+CO4+60OXE]] [#qcdbd507]
*[[欲しいと思ったらすぐ買える!楽天市場は24時間営業中>http://rpx.a8.net/svt/ejp?a8mat=3B9AIT+BLCVUA+2HOM+6DJW2&rakuten=y&a8ejpredirect=http%3A%2F%2Fhb.afl.rakuten.co.jp%2Fhgc%2F0ea62065.34400275.0ea62066.204f04c0%2Fa20030770303_3B9AIT_BLCVUA_2HOM_6DJW2%3Fpc%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.rakuten.co.jp%252F%26m%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fm.rakuten.co.jp%252F]] [#g569aa76]

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