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English notation is also available for foreigners.
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* ROAD TO EDEN [#qb249ac2]

steamで発売中の「ROAD TO EDEN」の情報ページです。





[[steam ストアページ>https://store.steampowered.com/app/929060/Road_to_Eden/]]

2020/05/29 バージョンアップ 5.49
2020/04/21 アップデート   5.43
2020/03/13 アップデート   5.33
2020/03/04 アップデート   5.21
2020/02/28 バージョンアップ 5.19
2020/03/04 アップデート   5.21
2020/03/13 アップデート   5.33
2020/04/21 アップデート   5.43

** このゲームについて [#if72ced0]

-Road to Edenは、エイリアンの侵略によって破壊された世界の黙示録的な世界の中に設定された、サードパーソンのマルチプレイヤーサバイバルクープゲームです。

--Road to Eden is a third-person multiplayer survival coop game, set within the post-apocalyptic ruins of a world destroyed by an alien invasion.
99% of the human population was wiped out in an instant and now humanity’s last hope is Project Eden, a base of operation where the remaining survivors are fighting back.
You wake up at the side of the road with no memory and must team up with other survivors to make the long and dangerous journey to Eden.

--Road to Eden is currently in early access, some of its features are still work in progress and could behave differently than expected.

-Road to Edenは、シングルプレイヤーとして、公式の専用サーバーまたはプレイヤーが作成したサーバーでプレイされます。
--Road to Eden is played as single player and on official dedicated servers or player created servers.

-Road to Edenの作成は、新しいレシピを学ぶための本や壊れたオブジェクトを見つけることで、レシピを学ぶことに基づいています。
--The crafting in Road to Eden is based on learning recipes by finding books or broken objects from which you learn new recipes. 
All recipes require a number of items to be able to be crafted, once crafted, you can find the item in your inventory as well as gain experience which is part of the character skill system.

*[[月額900円(税抜)から、高速・多機能・高安定レンタルサーバー『エックスサーバー』>https://px.a8.net/svt/ejp?a8mat=3B9AIW+C210S2+CO4+60OXE]] [#qcdbd507]
*[[欲しいと思ったらすぐ買える!楽天市場は24時間営業中>http://rpx.a8.net/svt/ejp?a8mat=3B9AIT+BLCVUA+2HOM+6DJW2&rakuten=y&a8ejpredirect=http%3A%2F%2Fhb.afl.rakuten.co.jp%2Fhgc%2F0ea62065.34400275.0ea62066.204f04c0%2Fa20030770303_3B9AIT_BLCVUA_2HOM_6DJW2%3Fpc%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.rakuten.co.jp%252F%26m%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fm.rakuten.co.jp%252F]] [#g569aa76]

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